Get Google & Bing to “recommend” your company.

Using state of the art Search Box Optimization technology we can ensure that your company name is placed in front of potential clients eyes before they even see the search results!

Performance related results​.

No on-going contract.

“…and so much better than endless SEO and pay per click campaigns.”

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In just over 3 minutes you’ll get a full understanding of just how this powerful cutting edge technology will benefit your company.

Brand positioning
Social proof and Authority​
Powerful competitive advantage
First mover advantage​
Efficient Client Acquisition

Claim Your “Billboard” Position

Take the First Mover Competitive Advantage

In this video I’ll show you the Walmart Case Study

You’ll discover exactly which Walmart superstore is using our Search Box Optimization and which keywords they have bought..

See the Power of SBO
​Which city works for you?
Think of keywords
Understand the benefits

At Chit Chat Media, we guarantee that the keyword/city phrase you choose will be exclusively reserved for your company. We never work on the same keyword combination for any other business.

Commercial Superiority

With S.B.O. you will appear in the search bar.

This enhances your firms perceived authority and status in the market sector.

Cost Efficient

Your company can occupy the entire first page of search results. Vastly reducing or avoiding expensive pay-per-click campaigns and SEO.

How to select your keyword/city combinations

The Search Box Optimization method is quite straight forward; certainly a lot simpler than managing a pay-per-click campaign.

In this video you will see the various alternative ways a prospective client may search to get an answer to their problem. You will want to cover as many of them as possible.

By optimizing the Google and Bing auto-complete, your company name will appear when potential customers start typing into the search bar.

This way, you can get ahead of the competition and be the first business that your potential customers encounter.

There is only one position available for each keyword/city – don’t lose it.

Examples of keyword/city combinations for Google or Bing searches:

investment bank boston stanton park capital

tax advisor new york leo berwick

business coach houston   john smith partnership

Chit Chat Media gets you the highest visibility: bringing you heaps of new clients.

Like Charles J Argento, if you want your company to gain a real advantage over all your competition, simply select the most effective keyword phrases in your industry then dominate the front page with your company links.

Google research shows that around 71% of the searches utilize the auto-complete.  And that’s exactly the where you will be.

Search box optimization by Chit Chat Media

OWN the Results​ Page

Clicking on that auto-complete takes us to a page dominated by Charles J Argento. It looks like he is the legal super hero!

This is where you make good use of any online citations you have. And if you need more citations created, we can help you with that.

Let’s see what else is on this page …

Get Your Video on the

auto-complete of Youtube

We can now get your videos a huge boost in visibility

This is a massive game changer. With YT-SBO, your video does NOT need to have thousands of views. It can even be a brand new video. In addition we will even build you a free video to help boost your channel included in the price.

We are now getting fantastic results in just a few weeks for our clients. YT-SBO is overturning the search market – watch the video!

Chit Chat Media offers the YouTube auto-complete as a standalone service.

Because thousands of creators publish on YouTube every day. A lot of them don’t run websites.

Therefore the YouTube auto-complete placement service, YT-SBO, is available separately from the Google/Bing SBO service.

A large proportion of businesses are also using YouTube for marketing their products and services. So it makes sense to rank those videos in the YT search box as well.

SBO & YT-SBO are a powerful set of marketing weapons.

Search box optimization by Chit Chat Media
ACE Hardware

We have many departments we are focussing on.

Very happy with this marketing strategy.

Store Manager

Pet food, Clothing, Pet supplies, Electronics store, Grocery, Grocery delivery, Office supplies.

I am very excited …  

Mr. Brown

Canada Adoption

We saw the results.  When our customers search for adoption services in Canada, our name shows in the auto-suggest, and customers are using this to find us.  The search box optimization program works great.


Walmart Store Employees

If you are employed by Walmart, you probably want to make sure your store manager is aware of our special arrangement.

Become a local super hero by ensuring that your store manager does not miss out on the Walmart-head-office-approved SBO deal.

Just make sure your store manager sees this website.

Special contact email: [email protected]

Looking for extra income streams?

Are you running a Digital Marketing agency?

Or perhaps a business consultancy or accountancy practice?

If you have a client base that would benefit from Search Box Optimization then contact us.

We do all the back end work and provide the full SBO service to your clients and then give a you a share of the revenues.

Simple and straight-forward.

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We are hiring

We are looking to take on sales staff on a fully remote operational basis. You can be based anywhere in the USA, but a large city location would be beneficial as you may wish to meet with business owners locally.

You will be linked to either our New York or San Fransico offices.

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